Let me explain. It’s not the actual brushing of your teeth that could be causing problems, but rather the order in which you brush them. Those who go straight to their skincare routine and brush their teeth second could potentially be unknowingly subjecting themselves to a number of skin issues, which I hadn’t even thought of until this viral TikTok from @alessa.miki appeared on my For You Page:

It turns out, both dermatologists and dentists agree—brushing your teeth should always come before washing your face. Why? Well for starters, toothpaste residue can irritate the skin causing redness and dryness. But more importantly, the products you spend all that money and time applying risk getting not only smeared off but splattered with whatever bacteria your toothbrush is in the process of removing. Pretty gross, right? Consider my cleansing routine officially adjusted!

Who knew something as simple could make such a significant difference in your skin? Thank you ‘skintok’!

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