In an attempt to support some of the incredible small brands and designers I often come across, I’ve decided to start a new segment on THE MONDAY EDIT titled Small Brand Spotlight. The first brand to be featured is one I’ve already purchased 2 pieces from, Shit Made By Jess. The girl behind the brand, Jess Carey, creates one-of-a-kind pieces by hand using exclusively recycled wool yarns. No two pieces are alike and the price point is seriously affordable (she could charge twice as much and I’d still buy more). One-size-fits-most, the majority of the pieces can fit a size XS-L as the yarn is loosely woven and quite high-stretch, making these some of the most comfortable tops I own. And each of her designs is knitted in a way that encourages you to go fully braless, while still covering the essentials, only adding to the comfortability even further.

Here are a few new Shit Made By Jess designs on my wishlist (all of which are currently a part of their 15% off promo sale!):

Distressed Halter Neck Top – £21.25

Two Piece Knit Set – £34.00

Cut Out Halter Neck Top – £20.40

Distressed Halter Neck Top – £20.40

Striped Halter Neck Top – £20.40

Cut Out Halter Neck Top – £20.40

And the best part is, each top can be worn in multiple ways, as displayed by one of my favorite Instagram style influencers, @amyfuchsia, rocking a Shit Made By Jess top 3 ways on her Insta stories recently (scroll with the arrows to view each slideshow image):

For now, Jess’s knitted creations are available exclusively on Depop, but with many big names in fashion already rocking her pieces and the inclusion of Shit Made By Jess in a recent Finds World pop-up in London, we suspect this is only the beginning for this small brand with big style.

Shop the latest Shit Made By Jess drop here and show this small designer some love on Instagram by giving her a follow.

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