That’s right, jorts…aka jean shorts. But not your average jean shorts. I’m talking long, baggy denim shorts that only Adam Sandler would be seen in (until now). A few trendsetters started rocking oversized jorts last summer, but this year it seems the masses have gotten the confidence to embrace the ultra comfy knee-grazing bottoms as the temperatures have begun to rise.

Not going to lie, I love that comfort is taking a front seat this season and am all for the giant jort. Plus, it’s the perfect way to upcycle your favorite oversized denim. I have a pair of baggy Levi’s that can no longer be salvaged as pants after accidentally putting my leg through the knee rip hole a few too many times, so I think some DIY jort cropping is in my future.

What are your thoughts on jorts? Will you be rocking a pair this summer? Leave a comment and let me know!


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