Tiny purse lovers, rejoice! If you have a micro bag then you know how impractical they can be (but that doesn’t stop you from loving them, of course). Usually holding no more than lipgloss, a credit card, and your keys, at most, the most obvious essential, your phone, never seems to fit…until now. Introducing the Mini Smartphone by Soyes, a smartphone with all the same features and apps as the iPhone that’s literally the size of a credit card and retails for under $60. You’ve got to see this thing to believe it.

Soyes Mini Smartphone – $59.99

I first discovered this handy little gadget through @aliyahwears when she shared exactly how she manages to fit a phone into her extensive collection of mini bags…with her mini phone, of course!


Replying to @jessicamasso A solution to tiny bag problems 🤣 #whatsinmybag #miniproducts #miniphone

♬ original sound – AliyahWears

Simply pop your iPhone SIM card into your mini smartphone and you’re ready to go! Plus, if it gets lost or stolen while you’re out, the mini smartphone’s $60 price point is way less of a hit to your bank account to replace vs. the cost of an iPhone. So your mini purse and your wallet will both be happy!

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