Want all the experience of modern home essentials (a television, Bluetooth speaker, mood lighting, etc.), but without the clunky appliances scattered around your living room? Then the Samsung Freestyle projector was made for you.

The completely portable projector allows you to access all of your streaming apps, from Netflix to Amazon Prime and everything in between, on any surface in full 1080p HD, but that’s only the beginning. Check out the long list impressive of features this compact little gadget delivers:

Also, fully compatible with external USB-connected battery banks, the Freestyle’s pack-and-go portability allows you to take the action literally anywhere with you. So whether you’re planning a movie night under the stars, watching your favorite series in the bath, or playing music while setting the mood in your living room, the Freestyle enables you to do it all with ease.

It’s not a want, it’s a need!! To get more information on the Samsung Freestyle or to purchase one for yourself, click here. Happy streaming!

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