It has been a while since my first hair post, How To Grow Crazy Long Hair, in which I detail how I got my hair to the insane length that it’s now at, and having since reached my length goals, the next step to hair perfection was finding a damage-free solution to improve my hair texture. Unfortunately, no amount of Olaplex or magic serums seemed to actually soften my hair long-term, and some days it felt so dry and damaged (unless I straightened it, which I try to avoid doing at all costs), even though my hair was literally in the best condition health-wise it has ever been.

Upon arriving in Bali, dry got even drier. Swimming in chlorine-filled pools and cruising on the back of a scooter (my hair blowing wildly in the sun behind me) took a major toll on my hair as my ‘before’ nanoplasty photo clearly shows:

Yikes! I think we can all agree my hair looked beyond thirsty, and with my wedding only a week away I knew I had to do something to fix it stat. That’s when I discovered Nanoplasty for the first time, a new treatment from Australia offered at a popular salon in Canggu, HAIR Canggu.

What exactly is nanoplasty you’re probably wondering (as was I)? Essentially, it achieves the same result as a keratin treatment, a popular method of permanently straightening and smoothing the hair, but without the harsh chemicals like formaldehyde that this process often uses (so it’s even safe for pregnant women and children 7 years and older). Nanoplasty restores and nourishes your hair from the inside out using amino acids and collagen, leaving you with healthy, silky straight hair for up to 6 months!! Mind. Blown.

After seeing my nanoplasty results (the cover photo of this article) I literally thought it was too good to be true and that my natural texture would be back the moment I showered, but shockingly, now 10 days later my hair has remained silky, shiny, and free of the dreaded coarse frizziness I’d encounter after every single shower. I’m officially a nanoplasty fanatic for life.

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