While in Germany this past weekend, I spotted a bag that instantly captivated me like no other accessory ever has. It was literally the coolest bag I’d ever seen. Rocking the futuristic purse was a super stylish German girl standing next to me at the airport while we waited to board our flight. I (foolishly) assumed it was a newly released bag from Balenciaga that I just hadn’t seen yet because it was giving similar vibes…but better. As soon as we landed and I got onto my computer, I went to the Balenciaga website’s ‘New Arrivals’ section expecting it to be the first item I’d see. Nope! Kept scrolling…scrolling…but nothing! After searching the entire site top to bottom, I’d realized that my dream bag was in fact not Balenciaga and that now somehow finding it would be an almost impossible feat. After getting over the fact that I should have just asked airport girl where her amazing bag was from to begin with, I began my internet-wide search. An hour of Google keyword searching later, just as I was about to accept defeat, I found a similar bag featured on High Snobiety that looked like it could be from the same designer, and, sure enough, it was!! I quickly added the bag (similar to airport girl’s, but I discovered an even better version with a thicker crossbody strap) to my cart and officially secured the last one in stock as my own *cue the angels singing*. And the name of my official new favorite accessory brand is…Innerraum.

Innerraum is a Berlin-based brand that aims to bring “a new vision of luxury translated in single object sculptures”. And that’s exactly what their bags are, wearable art. In fact, its Founders, Livio Graziottin (an artist) and Sergio Eusebi (an anthropologist), view their products less as fashion and more as sculptural objects, which you can totally see when looking at their collections and the way they present them to the consumer.

Initially only worn only by a small circle fashion-forward types, the unisex bag brand is now gaining more mainstream media attention with its most recent fan, Drake, seen sporting one of their latest styles. And Innerraum’s post-apocalyptic designs are not for those afraid to push fashion boundaries, so, to help you navigate through their sometimes wild designs, I’ve rounded up the 7 best (and most wearable) pieces from the new Innerraum collection.

Smartphone Bag – €660.00

Fanny Pack – €890.00

Moon Bag – €620.00

Cross Body Bag – €1000.00

Fanny Pack – €730.00

Moon Bag – €905.00

Crossbody Bag – €1055.00

Pretty insane, right? I’m completely obsessed. They’re like a more creatively designed Balenciaga bag for less than half the price and you don’t have to worry about seeing 10 people with the same purse as you every time you leave the house (sorry Balenciaga, you know it’s true).

My dream Innerraum bag arrives in 2 days (but I obviously couldn’t wait another week to share this brand with you!) and to say I’m excited would be a massive understatement. To shop the full collection, visit the Innerraum website or check out the small selection (including lots of sale items) of Innerraum pieces on Farfetch. And act fast before this best-kept secret of a brand inevitably reaches major levels of popularity and sells out.

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