We all know that locking in your makeup with a setting powder can keep it looking better for longer, and the same applies to your lipstick, but apparently not by using your typical translucent setting powder. Beauty TikTok has been raving about using blush as a setting powder for your lipstick. That’s right, blush! It turns out powder blush has the ability to not only set, but also mattify and add additional long-lasting pigment to the lips. Genius! Check out one of my favorite results below:


game changerrr (@JAID0R has a video about setting lipstick w powder + @Alexa Padilla has a video about adding blush to the lips) 💗🧚🫶🏼✨ #makeuptipsandtricks #lipcombo #blushhack #blushlipstick #lipliner #charlottetilburylipliner #urbandecay @Charlotte Tilbury @urban decay @ColourPop Cosmetics

♬ The Spins – Mac Miller

How have I never thought to do this?! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to add blush-set lips to my glam routine for my next night out. Will you also be trying this makeup hack? Leave a comment and let me know!

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