The beauty industry is constantly evolving and this latest hair color innovation from The Unseen is one of the coolest new products I’ve seen in a long time. The popular haircare brand has just released the world’s first holographic temporary hair color, called Colour Alchemy, which adapts and changes color in response to temperature and sunlight. Using a special patented light technology, the at-home dye gel instantly gives users jaw-dropping iridescent color. AND it even works on dark hair, without the need for pre-lightening or bleaching, delivering vibrant color without damaging the hair or scalp. This is a literal game-changer. Check out Colour Alchemy in action below:


Would you try holographic hair? 🔮 using @theunseenbeautyuk #colouralchemy in the shade “scarab 01” ✨ ad #theunseenbeauty #acolourmovement #doyousee #theunseencircle

♬ original sound – Melis Ekrem

The dye,  available in five holographic shades, sold out incredibly fast but will thankfully be restocking soon. So keep an eye on the shoppable link below to get your hands on a highly sought-after bottle of Colour Alchemy.

Color Alchemy – £66.00

I can’t wait to try out this product for my next festival this summer. I’m already envisioning a middle-part slick bun with the shade ‘Scarab’, and a bold blue and green outfit to match. What are your thoughts on Colour Alchemy? Would you try it? Leave a comment and let me know!

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