With festival season currently upon us, the hunt is on for the perfect outfit for those planning to enjoy the open-air festivities this summer. For me, there are 3 things I look for from my festival looks: cute, comfy, and lightweight (because dancing all day in the sun can get hot), and Zara has affordable pieces that check all the boxes. And since Zara’s twice-annual sale began last week and their summer styles became even cheaper, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to round up a list of the best fun-in-the-sun pieces from the sale to help you find the perfect festival look.

Printed Satin Top – €17.99

Denim Shorts – €17.99

Headband with Motifs – €19.99

Tulle Bodysuit- €12.99

Shiny Crop Top – €19.99

Bermuda Shorts – €17.99

Crop Top With Bow – €12.99

Bermuda Shorts – €15.99

Gathered Dress – €12.99

Heart Flower Star Necklace – €9.99

Silk Triangle Bralette – €22.99

Leather Bralette – €39.99

Strappy Skort – €17.99

Printed Satin Dress – €17.99

And here’s a little Zara sale pro tip: the prices on all sale items gradually become further reduced as the weeks go on, so keep an eye on your favorite styles for even more insane price drops to come! Happy shopping!

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