Like most people born in the ’80s, I never really envisioned a time when robots would be a part of my everyday life. The idea always seemed like something so far in the future, along with flying cars and the other wild technologies you only see in movies. Well, apparently the future is now because there’s a new robot assistant on the market whose sole purpose is to follow you around and carry whatever you toss its way. From shopping to commuting to your workout and everything in between, this little gadget has got your back. I (of course) discovered this crazy product on TikTok, which you can check out below:


Renovation master, van life enthusiast, and tech pioneer Deanna Dunn shares her afternoon with gitamini in tow. #gitarobot #robot #followingrobot

♬ original sound – PiaggioFastForward

The cargo-carrying following robot by Piaggio, dubbed the Gita Mini, comes in 2 colors, holds up to 20 pounds of gear, offers 7 hours of continuous travel, and even charges your phone! Plus, it’s actually pretty adorable. Is it just me, or are you also getting Wall-E & Eve lovechild vibes?

Gita Mini – $1,850

What do you think? Will this tool allow humans to reach all-new levels of laziness, or do you see value in a robot assistant like the Gita Mini? Leave a comment and let me know!

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