If you don’t already know, the Oura Ring is an incredible little device that its maker’s describe as “the future of health wrapped around your finger.” It monitors your sleep, heart rate, activity, and temperature to deliver personalized insights daily, all easily accessible through the Oura Ring app. The only critique you could give it would be that the Oura Ring design is quite subtle and not very fashion-forward, only offered in a very basic metallic band in silver, gold, gunmetal, or black. But now, that’s all changing with the luxurious new special-edition Gucci x Oura Ring.

Gucci x Oura Ring – $950 // €950

This exciting collaboration fuses Gucci’s legendary Italian style with Oura Ring’s personalized health insights, which have the power to give you a deeper look into the function of your body. By considering your sleep, activity, and bodily stress signals like temperature, the Gucci x Oura Ring gives you a constantly updating readiness score, which lets you know how much you can take on throughout the day, can help identify if you might be getting sick, and for women, can predict your period each month and visualize your cycle. It also monitors heart rate around the clock, letting you know how your body responds to daily (and nightly) habits and choices, like a mid-day meditation session or a late-night meal.

And in true Gucci style, even the charger is dripping in branding. It doesn’t get much more luxe than this.

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