You may already know from my previous coffee-themed article highlighting how to give your sneakers a second life with coffee that this glorious beverage is capable of so much more than pepping you up in the morning. Now, the latest coffee trend comes in the form of hair care. And I don’t mean caffeine-infused shampoo, which has been on the market for a few years now, but actually pouring (cooled) coffee on your head as an additional step to your shower routine, also known as a ‘coffee rinse’. With the promise of hair growth, softer more glossy strands, gray fighting capability, and hair loss prevention, we can see why people are raving about this latest DIY hair treatment trend.

For best results, use the darkest blend you can find, like an espresso. Brew 1 serving, let it cool completely, and then hop in the shower. After shampooing, carefully pour the coffee from root to tip ensuring your hair is fully saturated. You can let it rest for a few minutes, or a few hours, depending on how much time you have, but the longer you leave it the better the results, especially if you’re trying to tint your grays or freshen your brown hair color. The only thing I wouldn’t recommend is sleeping with your coffee-soaked hair, unless you don’t mind coffee stains all over your pillow case. Once you’re ready to rinse, do so with cool water, and then condition as usual.

I tested out this hair hack for the first time last night and must say I quite enjoyed it! The prep is significantly easier than any rice water rinse or homemade conditioner concoction (I’ve tried many), plus, as a coffee lover, I actually enjoyed the smell of espresso being poured over my locks. First impressions, my hair definitely feels soft and shiny. I’m not sure if my color was impacted much (which I was kind of hoping for as I’d love to amp up my natural brown color a bit) but I only left the rinse on for an hour so will try it for longer next time.

And there’s no limit to how frequently you can do a coffee rinse, so whether you’re looking to benefit from coffee’s flavonoids for a healthier, more full head of hair, or simply want to add depth to your brown hair while reducing any pesky gray hairs, coffee just might be the best natural solution that was in your kitchen cabinet all along!

Have you done a coffee rinse before? Leave a comment and let me know!

*Disclaimer: If you have blonde hair, coffee rinsing is probably not for you since it could leave you with brassy color.


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