Would you believe that applying delicate little adhesive gold dots to your ears could have a life-changing impact on your body? It sounded a bit crazy to me at first, but after some research, my mind is open to the holistic healing benefits of ear seeds. In case you don’t already know, ear seeds are tiny seedlike metallic balls with an adhesive backing that are applied to specific acupuncture points on the ear, depending on what problem you’d like to address and which part of your nervous system you’d like to stimulate. Chinese medicine practitioners believe that applying pressure to your strategically placed ear seeds a few times a day could help to relieve stress, ease jet lag and insomnia, boost energy and mood, improve allergies, soften aches and pains, alleviate anxiety, and much more.

Essentially, ear seeds act a bit like a needleless version of acupuncture, which is basically every needle-haters (me) dream come true. And with these micro metal balls becoming quite the hype as of late, you can now even buy at-home kits for a cost-effective way to apply ear seeds yourself instead of having it done by a professional (it’s easier than it looks, I swear!). And just look at how delicate and surprisingly chic they look:

Healing Relief 24 Karat Gold Ear Seeds – €33.09 // $41.40

Have you tried ear seeds before? If so, I’d love for you to leave a comment and share your experience.

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