As a habitual sun-chaser, I’ve collected a pretty substantial collection of bikinis over the years that are divided into 2 categories: swimwear for looking good in, and swimwear for tanning in. The first category often has cut-outs and criss-cross straps that are a true post-sun nightmare, while the latter is always strapless and just plain boring. In a perfect world, one swimsuit could do both jobs…and now it can with California-based swim brand True Tone Swim. The hot new brand boasts a small collection of tan-through swimwear that allows you to wear all the strappy styles you love without the regretable tan lines. And just look at how cute their designs are!

Snake Top – $59.00

Capri Top – $59.00

Tonga Top -$59.00

Jane Top – $59.00

If there’s one staple item you need in your closet this summer, it’s a tan-through bikini from True Tone that will let you can swim through the season in style.

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