A few weeks ago, TikTok was flooded with a sea of videos featuring one special little item…a perfectly pink satin slip dress from Zara. No exaggeration, this thing was everywhere. The hashtag #zarapinkdress has reached 5.3M views and there are literally hundreds of videos from women all over the world featuring the flawless frock:


Reply to @pinkfriday002 here it is on! 💘

♬ original sound – supercoolexporadora

With its delicate back cut-outs and perfect midi length, it was declared the official dress of spring, and it’s not hard to see why. Unfortunately, going viral made this pretty pink number sell out overnight BUT the must-have dress of my dreams is restocking soon, so sign up for the email notification in your size and keep your eyes glued to your inbox!!

Satin Effect Cut Out Dress -$59.90

What do you think of the viral pink Zara dress? Is it worth all the hype? Leave a comment and let me know!

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