Never a fan of spending a lot of money on manicures, I’ve always opted for doing an at-home version myself, but there was always 1 element I could never master…nail art. Would I love to be the girl with adorable little nail doodles? Absolutely. But after a few attempts gone wrong, I decided it was best to leave anything beyond a simple coat of polish to the professionals. Well, things are about to change because a company by the name of Preemadonna just launched a new gadget called the Nailbot, an incredible robot technician that provides at-home nail art in seconds. Check out a quick demo from TikToker, @kaliannakali, below:

Using the Nailbot app on your phone, you can design your own nail art, pull images from your camera roll, or pick from thousands of adorable free images preloaded and ready to go. Select your favorites and have them magically printed onto your nails in seconds! Mind. Blown.

Nailbot Smartphone Nail Printer – $199.99

Drop 1 of the Nailbot has already sold out, but you can now pre-order the second drop here. I don’t know about you, but I have to have it.

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