With every white sneaker eventually comes the inevitable (dreaded) no-longer-white stage. Usually, this results in a sneaker’s retirement since they’re essentially useless now…right? WRONG! Apparently, you can give your sneakers a second life by soaking them in a common ingredient you already have in your cupboard…coffee! When dip-dyed in coffee, sneakers can go from dirty off-white to an on-trend vintage beige tone in just a few hours (between 2-6 hours is the suggested soak time, depending on how intense you want the color). Instagram user, @onepineappleonelove, tested the process out with a fresh pair of Adidas (though they don’t have to be new) and the results were pretty incredible:

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to test out this hack on an old pair of sneakers!

*runs to cupboard to make giant vat of coffee*

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