A white sneaker is a wardrobe essential, and the ultimate version of this for sneakerheads and fashion folk alike for many years has been the classic Nike Air Force 1.

Nike Air Force 1 – $100.00

A great shoe, don’t get me wrong, but at some point (seeing it on someone’s foot every time I left the house), they just started to feel a bit overhyped. That’s when I set out to find a better alternative. Something that would give me a similar vibe, but wasn’t the same shoe everyone else around me was already wearing. After countless visits to the mall and a deep dive online, I finally found it! Meet the Nike Court Vision Alta:

Nike Court Vision Alta – $80.00

The slightly taller and subtly rounded sole gives it a more fashion-forward vibe, reminding me ever so slightly of the (also overhyped) Alexander McQueen sneakers people went wild for, but with the perforated base the Air Forces are famous for. The Court Vision Altas also have less branding, which was my main objective when finding an alternative. In my opinion, the branding on the sole and lace of the Air Forces is a bit much for the every-day-every-way wear I was looking for from a minimalistic white sneaker. And, as an added bonus, the Court Vision Altas are 20% less expensive than the Air Forces! So for me, it’s a no-brainer, really.

What do you think? Are you a Court Vision Alta fan? Or are you loyal to the classic Air Force 1? Sound off below!

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