I know, I know…nylons in winter?! But wait, these are not your average nylons. Influencer @gabie.godfrey recently styled a winter OOTD with a pair of nylons and revealed, despite the leg layer appearing to be sheer, it was simply a fully fleece-lined translucent illusion! Check it out:

I set out to find these cold-weather-friendly nylons where she referenced purchasing them, on Amazon. Sure enough, there were several sellers carrying the nylons, but this one had the most reviews (always a good sign when buying from anonymous sellers online):

Faux Translucent Fleece-Lined Nylons – $17.99

Not only are they available in 3 colors, but there are also 3 thicknesses to choose from depending on how much fleece lining you want. Also, the product page even claims these nylons have body-shaping capabilities! Warm and sculpted?! Say no more!

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