If you are on Instagram, you’ve probably seen every fashion influencer on your feed donning an unexpected accessory this season…the knitted balaclava! The trend has been completely dominating my feed, and I am totally here for it. Below are a few of my favorite posts featuring the official must-have accessory for winter.

Love the trend? Here are a few of my favorite balaclavas available to shop online right now!

Wool Knitted Balaclava – $85.00

Knit Balaclava – $17.99

Knitted Balaclava – $34.00

Cashmere Hood – $99.00

Stripe Balaclava – $12.00

Hooded Snood – $50.00

Knit Balaclava – $78.00

Knit Balaclava – $12.00

Knit Balaclava – $34.00

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