The hottest combo in fashion this season is undoubtedly a rather unlikely pairing. As odd as it may sound, matching an ultra feminine corset with a more masculine pant, like a pair of wide leg trousers or baggy jeans, results in a pretty iconic street style look. The tightly cinched waist, when contrasted with a loose-fitting bottom, creates an effortlessly cool yet dramatic silhouette which gives the illusion of curves to even the least curvaceous of us (hallelujah!). Most notably sported regularly by Bella Hadid, the corset and baggy trouser combo is one I, and countless fashionable women I’ve been seeing on the street this week during NYFW, just can’t get enough of. Click through below to see a few of my favorite looks from Bella rocking her trademark style:

The best part is, both corsets and baggy trousers are items you can find incredible thrifted versions of, a lot of the time even better than anything you could buy new. So get thrifting! And if you find some gems, tag me on Instagram so I can see what you got and how you styled it.

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