Last week, I came across a bathing suit at H&M that had me doing an instant double-take. It was the perfect combination of 2 bikini styles I’d recently been eyeing from one of my favorite swimwear brands, Triangl. The first is the below, featuring on-trend textured ribbing:

Vinca – Indigo Bikini – $99.00

And the second is this one, which boasts a majorly retro floral print:

Vinca – Neon Pop – $89.00

At close to $100 each, I wasn’t running to add either to my shopping cart. “I have more than enough swimwear, I don’t need another bikini,” I told myself. That is until H&M combined these 2 on-trend elements from my 2 favorite styles to create this Triangl bikini fusion dupe of my dreams:

Triangle Bikini Top – €9.99 // $12.99

Isn’t it adorable?! The matching tie bottoms shown above don’t appear to be online yet, but they should still have them in store! Or, alternatively, there’s another silhouette (in both the top and bottoms) available online that’s also quite cute:

Bikini Bottom – €12.99 // $14.99

This ultra flattering (not to mention super comfortable) bikini is officially my new favorite and I plan on living in it all summer long. So if you’re looking for the perfect on-trend swimsuit for the season at a price that can’t be beat, do yourself a favor and head over to H&M for this sweet little set!

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