With the official start of summer only 2 weeks away, I discovered the perfect outdoor-working hack just in time to enjoy the sun all season long. As someone long obsessed with working from my laptop anywhere but behind a desk, I’ve been taking full advantage my office-freedom since becoming self-employed. And there are many others like me who, due to the pandemic, have found themselves working from home longterm and making the most of their break from the restrictive office set-ups that were once the norm. With so many people having the option to work anywhere with wifi, many have opted for working outside whenever the weather permits which, though lovely, isn’t without its challenges. The outdoor office can be limiting at times with the sun affecting screen visibility and sending laptops into overdrive trying to keep cool in the blistering heat…that is until now! A new viral lifehack on TikTok has changed the work-from-home game forever, and all you need is an empty shoebox! Check it out:

The viral video, which garnered over 2 million views in the first 3 days, shows how working outside effectively on a sunny day is as simple as sliding your laptop into an empty shoebox placed on its side. The compact solution shades your computer from the sun, greatly improving visibility, while also preventing your laptop from overheating. I tested out the genius hack using the shoebox from my recent Nike High Top purchase, which was a perfect fit for my 13-inch MacBook Pro, and the verdict…it really works! Thank you, yet again, TikTok!!

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