For the longest time, I have been hearing about how incredible Zara’s perfume collections are, so when I stopped by a Zara store last week and saw a massive fragrance display, I had to check it out. And wow am I glad I did. Quite unexpectedly, every scent I smelled was better than the last! I was actually a bit torn between 5 different fragrances, but eventually managed to narrow it down to a favorite, Cashmere Rose:

Cashmere Rose – €15.95 // $29.90

Don’t let the name fool you, it doesn’t smell like roses, or cashmere (what does cashmere even smell like?!), but instead, a sweet and slightly fruity scent with notes of vanilla, lotus flower, peach, white musk and a touch of rose…divine! I couldn’t help but notice it was almost identical to a previous favorite fragrance of mine, an ultimate classic, Miss Dior:

Miss Dior – €147.00 // $135.00

The 100 ml sized bottle from Zara is about 1/10 of the price of the 100 ml Dior version, yet the smell is almost identical! My mind is blown. I think this might be my best Zara discovery yet!! So, the next time you’re looking for a new fragrance, Zara might just be the best destination to pick one up!

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