Photo by @sofiamcoelho

This past week, I have been seeing different variations of a new (and slightly strange) style everywhere I turn, an obvious sign that this is only the beginning of a major spring trend. The top (if you can call it that), is a bit unconventional, and if I were to simply describe it you would probably think I was crazy as soon as the words ‘arm warmers’ left my mouth. So, instead of trying to paint a picture with words, just look at a few of my favorite Instagram posts rocking the new style and see for yourself:

Totally weird, but at the same time so chic! After seeing half a dozen fashion influencers rocking the arm warmer trend, I set out to find brands making the unique design, and found some pretty cute options!

High Neck Top And Arm Warmer Set – €40.21 // $61.67

Gathered Cut Out Tank Set – $315.00

Tube Gloves – €78.69 // $121.01

Asymmetrical Set – $280

Top And Arm Warmer Set – €45.11 // $68.69

Tube Gloves – €78.69 // $121.01

Sleeveless Dress Arm Warmer Set – €45.11 // $68.69

Asymmetrical Tank Set – $260.00

So, what do you think? Will you be rocking this new ‘arm warmer’ trend come spring? Or will you stick to buying uncomplicated clothing that doesn’t come in multiple pieces? Vote below!

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