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While some people are a bit anti-Valentine’s Day, I have always been all for it! What’s better than a day dedicated to showing your love, am I right?! And after the year we’ve had, we need more love than ever right now. Being well aware of the significant financial impact the pandemic has had on many people, this year I wanted to focus on coming up with gift ideas that were not only things I would love to receive, but also super affordable. Assuming you have some basic supplies already for a couple of them, each of these gifts should land close to the €5 mark that I aimed to make everything possible for. And with that, I give you the 5 gifts under €5 to make your wife, girlfriend, bestie, mom, sister, neighbor, or whoever, smile this Valentines Day.

#1 – Handmade Bendy Candles

Photo by @jazzersx

If you haven’t already noticed, these candles are all the rage lately. I’ve even featured them on Week 41 of The Monday Edit! It turns out, they’re ridiculously easy to make yourself. Simply buy €5 worth of tall skinny candles from Action or The Dollar Store, heat up some water, and get bending! Within an hour you’ll have some stunning high-end looking candles, which usually retail for €25 or more a piece, to gift to the lady in your life. And I guarantee you she’ll cherish them even more knowing you made them yourself. I found a great YouTube tutorial to guide you through the DIY bendy candle process, which you can watch here:

#2 – A Market-Fresh Bouquet

Photo by @queenofjetlags

Ordering flowers online or from a florist can be ridiculously expensive, but I’ve found a hack to getting cheap, beautiful flowers. This one is probably only possible in Europe, since markets here are common year-round (plus flowers are significantly less expensive here (or in the Netherlands at least) than in North America), but the trick is: go to your local market right before closing, find the flower stall, and scoop up the remaining flowers that didn’t get purchased that day. Vendors don’t want to pack them up again since flowers don’t tend to do well with repeated transport, so you’re destined to get a great deal. At my local market in Amsterdam, I’ve seen sunflowers, daisies, and tulips with prices slashed to €5 at the end of the day. Perhaps the seller will even let you mix and match for a beautiful simple bouquet within your budget! Whatever the result, flowers of any sort are always loved and appreciated on Valentine’s Day!

#3 – A Love Jar

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This is one would be particularly special this year. A ‘love jar’ is essentially a jar filled will little notes of love, compliments, fond memories, or anything else to make the person smile. Simply buy a nice jar (a mason jar will do, or anything more her style you can find is great too), then cut up a few dozen slips of paper and start writing (or alternatively, you can type everything out and then print and cut). Label the jar “Open when you need a reason to smile” or something else to that effect, then fill it up with all your smile-generating notes. It’s a gift that keeps giving and lets her know how much you value her in your life when she needs it the most.

#4 – Self-Made Minimalistic Texture Art

Photo by @jazzersx

Minimalistic textured art is a huge trend in interiors right now, and another popular DIY I’ve been seeing all over Instagram. People are using everything from thick white paint, to materials such as spackle or stucco, to create stunningly simple pieces of art. There seems to be 2 common themes, it must be all-white and textured. The result is quite chic and looks like it cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of euros. If you’ve ever had to fill holes in your drywall, you likely already have all the art supplies you need for this project. Simply buy a small blank canvas within your budget from your local arts and crafts store, and spend a night letting your creative side fly. The result…a gorgeous piece of art she can proudly hang in her place that will make her smile every time she passes by. And the best part is, it’s art, so there is no doing it wrong!

For a quick tutorial on different texture techniques using different tools (you can use a variety of kitchen utensils for many of these if you don’t want to buy any painting tools), check out this YouTube tutorial:

#5 – Her Favorite Dessert, Made From Scratch

Photo from Pinterest

Nothing tastes better than something made from scratch, so skip the factory-made, overpriced chocolates this year and get baking!! Whether it’s chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, or cinnamon buns (my 3 favorites), chances are you already have a couple of the ingredients you need in your pantry, and a quick trip to the grocery store will have you ready to bake up a storm. Present your baking creation on your nicest plate and prepare to be greeted with a huge smile. And don’t worry, even if you’re not the best baker, the fact that you rolled up your sleeves and tried means more than anything. If you’re looking for recipe inspo, check out my article ‘The Last Cookie Recipe You’ll Ever Need.‘ I promise you, she’ll love these!

There you have it! My list for the 5 gifts for around €5 to make her smile on Valentine’s Day. Do you have any other inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift ideas? If so, leave them in the comments!

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