I’ve been diving deep into the world of beauty hacks these last couple of years and have made some incredible discoveries along the way (like the €8 product that changed my skin forever), the latest being ‘slugging’. Skincare enthusiasts came up with the not-so-glamorous term due to the slimy appearance this beauty hack temporarily results in. What exactly is slugging you’re probably wondering? It’s the process of slathering a slightly unexpected product on your face as the final step of your skincare routine…Aquaphor! That’s right, the greasy ointment you only bust out of your medicine cabinet on the rare occasion you need to treat super dry skin or minor burns. Apparently, it’s also the holy grail of achieving dewy, glowing, youthful skin on your face. Here’s why: Aquaphor is made of petroleum, lanolin, and glycerin, all of which work together to create an impenetrable protective barrier over your skin keeping moisture in and impurities out, something the average skincare routine does not always deliver on.

Now, it’s important to know, there’s one key element to slugging correctly. Aquaphor must be used last, and must always come after your moisturizer. As useless as it may feel to apply a moisturizer right before a greasy product like Aquaphor, this step is essential. Aquaphor is an occlusive, which essentially means it has the power to lock in ingredients, but it does not have the true moisturizing properties that a designated moisturizer does. Aquaphor’s true power is unlocked when used in addition to a moisturizer, not in replacement of one.

The intense slimy appearance of your skin is apparently all worth it when you wake up the next morning to the smoothest skin of your life, according to numerous users on different skincare blogs. One woman claimed, ”I’ve been using Aquaphor for the past few days based on a recommendation and I cannot believe how it has cleared my blemishes, removed dark circles, filled-in small lines and did not break me out.” Another said, “My pores are less visible, my under-eye area looks amazing. My skin feels unbelievably comfortable.” Even celebs like Beyoncé, Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Lucy Liu, and Jessica Simpson are all longtime Aquaphor users and swear by their pre-bed slugging routine! My favorite part about all of this…Aquaphor costs than €7!!  

Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment – €6.93 // $9.47

Wanting to test this miracle product out myself first, I went to 5 different drugstores to try buy a bottle, to no avail. It turns out Aquaphor is not so common in Asia, where I’ve been based the last couple of months. But, if slugging is as good as people claim, I couldn’t wait to share this skincare secret with you! And, rest-assured, as soon as I can get my hands on a bottle, it’s slime time (update on my experience coming at a later date)!

If you’ve already incorporated Aquaphor into your skincare routine, I’d love to hear your experience in the comments!

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