There’s one style of pants you need in your wardrobe for 2021, and no, I don’t mean sweatpants (that would be too obvious). The new year will hopefully bring back some normalcy to our lives, so leave space in your pant drawer for these must-have bottoms that were all the rage in fall and are officially the it-style again this season…the (faux) leather trouser!

 To get the on-trend look just right, the leg shape of the trouser is very important. Legging-style leather pants, hugely popular in previous seasons, are not considered ‘in’ anymore amongst most fashion crowds. Now, it’s all about the wide-straight leg leather trousers, complete with a high waist and tailored finishes, including a zipper and button closure.

I recently purchased a pair that checks off all of the above criteria and I absolutely love the look and feel of them. My new favorite pants made their official debut on New Year’s Eve, paired with an ultra sparkly crop top making for the ultimate NYE get-up. After an evening spent testing out the new style, I gotta say, a loose leg pant paired with a flowy cropped top is a combo made fashion in heaven.

You can score this classic leather trouser style at any good vintage shop or flea market, but if these are currently closed in your country due to government restrictions, or you simply prefer to buy new, here are a few of my favorites available for purchase online right now:

Leather PU Trousers – €60.00 // $70.00

Straight Leg Leather Pants – €149.99 // $229.99

Faux Leather Pants – €34.99 // $49.99

High Waisted Faux Leather Pants – €400.00 // $525.00

Straight Leather-Effect Trousers – €29.99 // $79.99

Leather Trousers – €290.00 // $390.00

Imitation Leather Pants – €29.99 // $39.99

High Rise Leather Pants – €3450.00 // $5897.00

Faux Leather Pants – €24.99 // $34.99

Straight Leg High Waist Trousers – €50.00 // $60.00

What do you think of the leather trouser trend? Do you prefer the wide leg fit over the legging version that has been so popular in previous years? Answer the poll below or leave your stance in the comments!

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