You may remember Kanye West’s famous too-small sandals which the internet scratched their head over, as seen above. Yeezy later defended his fashion choice as it being “the Japanese way,” and shared photos that provided instructions for how to ‘properly’ wear the shoes (though many viewed the 2-week delayed explanation as a bit nonsensical). And while the Yeezy Slides’ first introduction to the world was a questionable one, you gotta admit, they look pretty damn cool (not to mention insanely comfortable).

Fast forward to now, and it seems ASOS has created 1-for-1 dupes of the famous sandals, for a fraction of the price. Check them out:

Padded Slides – €22.99 // $39.00

Only available in men’s sizing, this is one of those times I feel lucky to have big feet. And I just might be ordering myself a pair…in the correct size, sorry Kanye. What are your thoughts on the Yeezy Slides and their ASOS dupes? Would you rock them? And if so, true-to-size, or Kanye style? Leave a message in the comments and let me know!

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