The recent resurgence of all things ’90s is undeniable, and, as a kid who grew up in this era, I’m all for the nostalgia. From chunky highlights, to retro platform sandals, to the revival of shoulder pads, I now present to you the latest ’90s-inspired fashion trend…the butterfly clip! That’s right, the much-loved pre-teen hair accessory is officially back! Celebrities and influencer’s alike have been donning this new version of the butterfly clip, which has gotten an elegant 2020 upgrade.

Photos by: @emmaleger, @emijayinc, @lauren.gabrielle, @laurenireland, @talliia, @nitsanraier

The maker of this adorable hair accessory is Los Angeles-based company Emi Jay, who offer the clip in 4 different colors. The only remaining color currently in-stock is this beauty:

Papillon Clip – $20.00

What are your thoughts on the return of the butterfly clip? Are you here for it? Or is this a trend you think should be left in the ’90s? Leave a comment and let me know!

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