While some fashion trends come and go, knee-high boots are here to stay, and it’s easy to understand why. The super versatile style can be dressed up or down and is typically the most comfortable heeled footwear option.

And this fall, there is one color that is at the forefront when it comes to knee-high boots, and that is white. White knee-high boots are having a major moment right now and are sure to be the must-have boot in the coming months. The so-fresh-and-so-clean shade is a real statement-maker and has the power to elevate an outfit instantaneously, which is why some of the biggest names in fashion are already incorporating the boot into their summer wardrobe.

After seeing about a dozen killer outfits in white knee-high boots on Instagram, I knew I was going to need a pair in my life, so when my favorite boot brand, Nubikk, offered me any pair of my choice last week, I already knew the exact ones I just had to have:

Gigi Melba Boots – €280.00 // $335.00

Aren’t they beautiful? Well, I certainly didn’t waste any time putting them on and can already share my 5 favorite ways to style these new white knee-high beauties:


Transition from summer to fall by styling these versatile knee-highs with an oversized t-shirt dress (or an oversized tee paired with mini cycling shorts underneath, which will give the same effect). This effortless combo is a bit rock & roll, not to mention insanely comfortable, both things I love in an outfit.


Nothing complements your favorite matching set quite like a clean pair of tall white boots. I particularly love the look with a matching skirt + sweater set, like the one above, especially if it has a pattern or design that ties in well to the mod vibe of the boots. Don’t have a matching set? Then try to make one from existing pieces in your wardrobe with a top and bottom that have the same/a similar color!


For an ultra boss-lady look, reach for your favorite black blazer. Either a blazer dress or a blazer paired with a skirt (or even a skinny dress pant), matched with white knee-highs, will give you a high-fashion business-ready outfit in an instant. To achieve a more cinched silhouette, belt it like I’ve done above to achieve a more feminine hourglass figure.


As the temperatures drop and pants become essential, bust out your dark denim, turtleneck, and beanie to achieve this super fashionable look that will keep you warm and cozy on even the most brisk fall day. Try to stick to neutral tones here, like black or beige, to really let the boots be the star of the show.


This club-ready look is fit to take you from dinner to the afterparty, and anywhere in between. A simple midi dress with modest accessories + white knee-high boots = a neck-breaking look.

What are your thoughts on the knee-high white boot trend? Do you love it as much as I do? Or is a tall white boot just too far out for you? Leave a comment and let me know!

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