Okay maybe not never, but seriously, there are a few clothing items that I swear you are better off buying vintage.

A big chunk of my wardrobe is ‘pre-loved’, and while some people might be hesitant to admit this, I’m actually quite proud of it. Call me crazy, but scoring an awesome vintage gem gives me a bit of a rush! I absolutely love finding something unique that everyone else isn’t already wearing, for a fraction of what you’d pay new, while simultaneously reducing textile wastewin-win-win!

I honestly prefer vintage over new with certain apparel that looks and feels best once it reaches that perfectly worn-in state (sorry, but no amount of distressing technology can fake authentic wear, in my opinion). So let’s get right into it! Here’s my list of the 5 clothing items you should never buy new:


Whether you’re looking for a cute pair of cropped ankle jeans, or a flattering pair of cut-off denim shorts, pre-owned is the way to go. You might have to take scissors to them to get the right length, but a quick YouTube tutorial can teach you everything you need to know about that. Levi’s is definitely the most popular vintage denim brand, and, is all I look for when I’m on the hunt for denim (and having a very positive experience working with the iconic brand in the past, I have become a loyal Levi’s fan for life). Does it take an eternity to find the perfect vintage pair of Levi’s? Yes. Is it worth the wait? Yes.

I found my Levi’s cut-offs, photoed above, from Episode in Amsterdam for around €20.00 a couple of years ago and they fit like a glove. An absolute summer essential!

Logo Tees

Logo tees are basically a wardrobe staple. Sports team logo tees, band logo tees, sportwear logo tees, the list goes on. Whatever style you’re looking for, a vintage version will be your best option.

I found a second-hand band logo tee, also photoed above, this week on one of my favorite thrifting apps, United Wardrobe (for a free €5.00 credit towards your first purchase, click here). Tie Dye AND a band tee in one, for only €6.00? I had to have it.

A pro tip for buying vintage logo tees: super oversized tops are really in at the moment, so don’t be afraid to hit up the men’s section for an on-trend looser fit.

Sportswear Pullover Crewnecks

Pay full price for a Nike crewneck sweater? No way! There are literally hundreds of better versions from what has to offer, with really cool vintage designs, from second-hand retailers (Tanis Vintage, Domno Vintage, and Bloc Vintage, to name a few) that are a heck of a lot less expensive too. Whatever brand you’re looking for, chances are there’s the perfect vintage one floating around somewhere. And, once again, oversized is the trend here, so the men’s section is the way to go.

Fall Jackets

If you’re in the market for a special statement jacket for fall, it’s well worth looking for one at a vintage store first. Be it a jean jacket, a leather jacket, or a bomber jacket, chances are your money will go way further if you’re thrifting, and you can get some really nice oversized (are you spotting a trend here?) silhouettes that look pretty high fashion, when styled correctly. You can even thrift coats from more premium re-sellers and get some incredible pieces. On my last trip to Los Angeles, I scored a stunning Dior all-over logo print denim jacket for only $100.00 from Wasteland, a must-visit if you’re ever in the area!


There are few joys in life like sliding out of a tight pair of jeans into your favorite old pair of sweatpants. Buying a second-hand pair gives you that perfectly worn-in cozy feel and prevents you from dropping a ton of cash on bottoms you’ll likely only be rocking at home (unless you’re like me and love to style sweatpants into everyday looks). I have gained a whole new appreciation for sweatpants in the last few months so the next time I go thrifting, these are at the top of my list.

And that’s it! I’m curious, do you buy second-hand? Why or why not? Leave a comment and let me know!

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