There’s a new viral social media challenge that’s being embraced all over the globe titled the #VOGUECHALLENGE. The challenge essentially consists of people putting their own photos onto the cover of Vogue, making it look as realistic as possible, and then sharing the final result on social media alongside the hashtag.

It took a bit of digging to find out exactly what sparked the challenge, and it seems the answer is a combination of things. The first being a recent move by British Vogue, which had the internet buzzing. The magazine dedicated its July 2020 issue to the millions of essential workers who—in the midst of a global pandemic—put on their uniforms and headed to work every day in order to keep the economy running. They featured three women within these essential roles, photographing them in the middle of their shifts, to be the covergirls for the issue. The concept was beautifully executed and received a lot of praise for its inclusiveness.

Rachel Millar (Midwife), Anisa Omar (Supermarket Assistant), Narguis Horsford (Train Driver).

This, in combination with the collective frustration with American Vogue for the exact opposite approach to running their magazine (the complete lack of diversity, both on their covers and on their staff), launched the #VOGUECHALLENGE movement demanding inclusivity of all shapes, sizes, and colors, even if it means Photoshopping yourself onto the damn cover! Some people are doing the challenge as a way to show what full representation could look like on magazine covers, others are doing it purely for the aesthetic, and some are using the challenge for humor (like the guy who Photoshopped his cat onto the cover). Regardless of each individual’s intent, the results have been pretty impressive. Here are a few of my favorite #VOGUECHALLENGE submissions so far:

This challenge has given rise to a movement. One which believes that everybody could and should be able to see someone like themselves on the cover of fashion’s biggest publication. For the sake of this article, I also joined in on the challenge (the photo at the top of the post) alongside 70,000 others and I must say, it feels good to dream so big. The year 2020 has brought so much change already and people are sick of accepting that things are the way they are because it’s the way they’ve always been. A revolution of equality is upon us and I am fully here for it.

What do you think about the #VOGUECHALLENGE? Leave a comment and let me know.

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