Although summer is still a month away, there is one footwear style I am seeing all over social media, which I’m confident will be the shoe of the summer (even if we can only wear them as far as the backyard). The ‘it’ sandal on every fashionista’s foot is the leather platform flip-flop.

No, we haven’t time travelled back to 1997, platform sandals are officially back—and I am here for it! I mean, just look at how effortlessly chic they are:

Instagram photos: @brittanybathgate, @hannahcrosskey, @kt._____14, @lucywilliams02

The revival of this trend in 2020 should be credited to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s luxe brand, The Row, which released the platform flip-flop months ago.

Ginza Leather Flip Flops – €780.00 // $1125.00

Aren’t they magnificent? Well, don’t hold your breath, because these beauties flew off the shelves faster than I can type G-I-N-Z-A (UPDATE – May 14: they’ve restocked!). They have, however, recently released a camel brown colorway, as well as a velvet version in burgundy, which still have a few sizes left. But, in my opinion, black is the most iconic for this throwback style.

Slightly out of my price range anyways, I moved on…that is until Arket came out with an equally as stunning version for almost 1/6 the price!

Flatform Thong Sandals – €135.00 // $160.00

I had to have them. With only the small sizes left, I was clicking ‘refresh’ like a madwoman every few hours and, 2 days later, my size appeared! *ADD TO BAG*

The stock on these ones seems to come and go with the blink of an eye (though Arket confirmed they will be doing a full restock at some point), but if you’re dedicated enough to hit that refresh button a couple times a day, chances are you can also score a pair.

Alternatively, I recently discovered this affordable option from Zara, which is currently fully in stock.

Minimalist Flat Sandals – €29.95 // $45.90

I’m loving the square-toe take on the style, that and the insanely low price point, but the platform element is not quite there. I might just have to order a pair of these too…strictly for research purposes, of course (ha!).

What do you think of these blast-from-the-past sandals? Are they officially on your must-have list, and if so, which of the 3 would you opt for? Or, do you think platform flip-flops are better left in the ’90s? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. The Arket one looks amazing!! And props to you for refreshing the page every few hours and finally got them 😂 The Zara one is too flat for my liking, as well as don’t make me taller that much lol. Love your review!!


    1. Hi Femmy! So, I ended up ordering the Zara ones too—even though they are missing the best part…the platform! BUT I’m pretty tall so maybe I don’t want to be a giant in my Arket platform ones, I haven’t quite decided yet 😛 Thanks for your comment I’m so glad you enjoyed the article!


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